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Metformin is an oral solution that works for the treatment of diabetes. Metformin is used to regulate blood sugar levels. Those under the therapy of type 2 diabetes mellitus add diet and good exercise to the intake of Metformin for effective control of blood sugar. Metformin is may be consumed with insulin or other drugs with the exception of type 1 diabetes treatment.


Metformin as a potent medication effectively works with a good exercise and a proper diet to control high blood sugar. Patients who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are placed under Metformin medication. With the help of Metformin, critical medical conditions such as nerve problems, kidney damage, blindness, sexual function problems and loss of limbs are prevented. Metformin also helps to reduce possible outcome such as stroke or heart attack by controlling diabetes. Metformin stimulates your body systems to respond to the insulin produced by your body. Metformin lowers the quantity of sugar produced by your liver or absorbed by both of your intestines.

Mode of Indication, Dosage, and Duration of Treatment

You are advised to strictly adhere to all given instructions by your doctor or those found on the prescription label. Your drug administration may be changed at times by your doctor for a better medical condition. Inquire from your doctor if you may take Metformin with food. There are some Metformin tablets that are taken once per day in the evening with food. You should swallow and don’t crush, break or chew Metformin tablet. For liquid administration, you may use the dose-measuring objects such as a syringe, a spoon or medical cup for the appropriate measurement. Ensure you take to all given instruments by your medicine prescription instructor. For effective result, you may need to add to the intake of Metformin good exercise, diet, special medical care and frequent tests of blood sugar levels. You are advised not to consume more or less than the prescribed amount of vitamin B12( if given by your doctor while on the use of Metformin).


Ensure you adhere to the following given precautionary measures:

  • Patients that are allergic to Metformin should keep away from its use.
  • Ensure you notified the doctor if you have critical kidney disease, diabetic ketoacidosis or metabolic acidosis.
  • Make sure you desist from the use of Metformin for a brief period of time if there is an urgent need for surgery, x-ray or CT scan.
  • Ensure you notified the doctor if you have a history on any of the following:
    • Kidney disease ( this need regular checkup);
    • High ketone levels in your blood or urine;
    • Heart disease, congestive heart failure;
    • Liver disease.
  • Notify your doctor if you take insulin or other oral diabetes solutions.
  • Notify the doctor if you experience any other serious medical situations such as chronic alcoholism or severe infection, or if your age falls under 65 above. This is because the use of Metformin may result in lactic acidosis.
  • Pregnant women or those that are likely to be and lactating mothers should seek the advice of their doctors before using Metformin.
  • Children under the age of 10 are restricted from the use of Metformin.
  • Metformin should not be given to a child younger than 10 or 18 years old depending on the form used.

Side Effects

Ensure you seek immediate medical help if you begin to experience any symptoms of allergic reactions to Metformin. These signs may be the inflammation of your face or throat; hives; or difficulty in breathing. The following are these side effects of Metformin:

  • Upset stomach;
  • Nausea;
  • Low blood sugar;
  • Diarrhea.

Missed Dose

In a situation whereby you forget to use your prescribed medicine, you can always take it at the moment of recollection. However, mind the time for the next dose if not close. Taking two doses at one time should be avoided.


Peradventure you take more than the prescribed doses, quickly see your doctor or call for emergency medical help. Taking more than the prescribed drugs may result in:

  • Severe hypoglycemia;
  • Lactic acidosis.

Interaction with other drugs

You are advised to notify your doctor before using any new medication with Metformin. This may expose you to the risk of lactic acidosis. Tell the doctor about the medications you are using. The following medications may interact with Metformin:

  • Vitamins;
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medicines;
  • Herbal products.